Chief Resigned After Atlanta Police Killed Rayshard Brooks By An Officer’s Firing

Jun-2020 | Others

On Friday night, a 27-year old black man - Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by a white Atlanta Police officer after an argument. It ignited protests in the city. In the bystander video and surveillance video from the scene, it was revealed that Brooks took an officer's Taser during an attempted arrest. He then fired the Taser at the officers as he sprinted away. Authorities proclaimed that one of the officers then shot Brooks with his service gun. Rapid effects are noticed nationwide against the protest calling to end racism and violence by police on black people.

On the next day of the incident, it was declared an unjustified use of deadly force. The declaration was made by Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta Mayor. It was further stated that Erika Shields, Atlanta Police Chief, was stepping down. In the reply to the Mayor’s statement, Erika replied that she has faith in the mayor, and it is time for Atlanta to move forward and create a trust bond among law and enforcement and respective communities.

Carlos Campos, police spokesman stated that the officer who shot Rayshard Brooks was fired on Saturday. Police recognized that officer as Garrett Rolfe. The other officer involved in the killing was recognized as Devin Brosnan. He was positioned on administrative duty. Carlos further said that in 2013, Rolfe was hired while in 2018, Brosnan became the part of the department. Protests began in Atlanta when t the end of May, police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George died away after pleading for mercy while a Minneapolis officer knelt on his neck for early nine minutes. The former president of the NAACP, Cornell William Brooks stated against the incident. He said that it is a classic tragedy. He added that this video, this police shooting happened in the remembrance of Ahmaud Arbery, happened in the memory of Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tamir Rice, and so many others. And this is the limit we reached that we have experienced much.

After Brooks was shot, in Atlanta, protests occurred. But soon the tensions were intensified on Saturday night. I happened when a larger population flocked in the region encompassing the Wendy's, the place where Rayshard Brooks was killed. It was reported that some protestors shattered the store's glass. The protestors went more violent and by the dusk, they made fast-food eatery engulfed by flames. More than an hour passed until the firefighters reached there, due to the protestors.

One of the protestors talked to the reporters and said that he wants to make enough noise that the authorities plan to investigate Rayshard Brooks matter. Early Sunday morning, there was a large population facing off the police on the roads. When the protestors streamed onto a connector, they sealed a major interstate and were came across by lined up police automobiles. A police spokesman said that they arrested 36 people during the protest. The protests are getting worse and worse, but yet the end is not visible.