President Of The United States Of America Donald Trump Took Out A Rally In Tulsa Amid Coronavirus

Jun-2020 | Others

Soon president of the United States of America Donald Trump is returning for his campaign trails on Saturday in Tulsa. President Donald Trump is planning to take out a massive rally for his election campaign. In simple words do we say then it's a huge gamble that is risking the spread of the coronavirus? It has been said that this rally will set the path for upcoming campaigns of presidential elections in the United States of America. This is the citation rally after the early March when he addressed the nation and the public in North Carolina. This rally is supposed to shut down the mouth of many critics who are questioning the president amid his decisions.

Many critics are still questioning over conducting such a massive indoor event even in such a hard time of global pandemic coronavirus. Many experts are also saying that conducting such a massive event and rally even at this time could backfire for president Donald Trump. As we all know that due to the response of the president of the United States of America Donald Trump and his administration over the global pandemic coronavirus, his support has reached a minimal level in America.

A Republican strategist Amy Koch said that President Trump and his administration are surely taking a huge risk. According to the statements of the Republican strategist if this rally doesn't cause any kind of spike in the active cases of coronavirus or if it doesn't have any effect on the ground President Donald Trump will surely take more and more rallies. Many famous doctors and public health experts have issued their fear over this rally in Tulsa going to happen on Saturday. According to them, this rally could turn into a super spreader of the coronavirus. If this happened then many of the upcoming rallies of the president will get delayed or canceled for sure. It will also give a wrong message that the recovery rate of the United States of America is getting down.

The tension amid the rally is so much that on Thursday night the mayor of Tulsa imposed a three-night curfew over the whole place. Mayor of Tulsa G.T Bynum has expected that over 100,000 people will attend this massive rally. That's why he imposed a night curfew to stop the ongoing protests that have been happening in the whole city. The security of the president of the United States of America will be very tight as usual. There are only 19 thousand seats available in the center, which means supporters will have to be moved further away. Some of the supporters have now started campaigning to grab a good spot in the rally of president Donald Trump. Till the Friday afternoon curfew from the whole place has been lifted after the phone conversation between President Donald Trump and the mayor of Tulsa. Later on, President Donald Trump tweeted this decision of uplifting the curfew in Tulsa. The mayor also confirmed this by taking a press briefing.