Rising Alertness about the Health Benefits of Dairy Blends to Boost Its Demand

Jul-2020 | Food Service & Hospitality

Dairy blends are basically dairy mixtures derived from concentrated butter or cream and butter. The dairy blend is made from processed butter fat that does not contain saturated fats or is prepared from butter blends that are combined with vegetable oils. An advantage of the dairy blend is that is can be easily spread as it consists of vegetable oil and hence, can be eaten with bread. They can also be blended with other substances such as sugar, salt, flavorings, and aroma based on the preferences and taste of the consumer. The utilization of dairy blends provides real and absolute taste enrichment to the products. Mixing dairy blends with few other protein sources offer several nutritional benefits to the consumer.

Earlier, milk was deemed as one of the beneficial food as it consists of macronutrients (fats, lactose, proteins), vitamins and micronutrients. But there are certain restraints of these dairy products, such as cholesterol, lactose intolerance, allergic symptoms, saturated fat, which have lead to the preference of dairy blend products in past few years.

The worldwide market for dairy blend has been observing a stable rate of growth owing to the rising consumption around the world. The consumption is been driven by the growing population and their rising inclination toward low-fat food products. The rising prominence of healthy food products that provide tremendous nutrition has also positively influence the requirement for dairy blends. In order to address the rising requirement, the market players are concentrating on bringing product innovation and also boost their production. The market is also growing as a result of the rising requirement for convenient food products as hectic lifestyles leave no or little room for detailed meals. The growing spending in R&D and establishment of impactful marketing and business approaches are also anticipated to have a noteworthy influence on the worldwide market.

However, the worldwide market for dairy blends poses obstructions such as lack of alertness among many potential consumers that is restricting its growth. Moreover, the actuality that extreme consumption of the dairy blends can complicate the existing health problems, such as gastrointestinal problems, obesity, and diabetes, which further impedes the market growth globally.