Mark Zuckerberg Launches New Tool For Users To Turn Off The Political Election Ads Ahead Of The Presidential Election

Jun-2020 | Others

Mark Zuckerberg is launching a larget voter registration campaign before the presidential election. Zuckerberg has kept the goal of registering 4 million-plus voters this year.In the recent statement shared by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, and CEO, he stated, the Facebook and similar digital platform would play a big role in this year's election, therefore, the voting done through this may surprise everyone. However, the result may not be accurate or may not be the final decision of the election, but it surely predicts what people are looking for in this time election. The 2020 election is going to be completely different as there are much-heated news buzzing all around the country, starting from the pandemic issues and killing of the George Floyd and so many other issues in the front line to deal. People are aware of the situation and they have high expectations from the candidate who standing for this year's election. People want our leader to take accountability in democracy and provide them a peaceful environment to live. Said, Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, informed Facebook and Instagram and their aggregate platform messenger will provide information about the registration process and also the request an absentee or mail-in bailout will be given in the step by step process. Additionally, alert on the change in the state election officials would be provided instantly and informed to the registered users. The important messages would be displayed at the top of the Facebook News Feed and on Instagram to make sure everyone has access to it all the time. Moreover, this time Facebook is planning to introduce new tools specially designed for the US election. The tool will restrict the political ads to be served to the users who turn the ads off and get out of the election to avoid any influence during the election. The fewer ads policy will be activated in the US. Mark Zuckerberg is taking all kinds of precautions to avoid any kind of misleading ads during the election.

On the one hand, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has criticized in the past during the election and the role it plays in influencing the people, on the other hand, Mak Zukerberg has stated that he is standing firm on his commitment. Facebook will keep their ideology intact to give free to express rights to their users. He is also talking to Facebook employees last week in making changes this year and he is open to accept the new suggestion. On the larger side, everyone wants the politicians held accountable for the current situation and what they say publically. Also, some people wanted the post shared on Facebook and other platforms to get removed. Zuckerberg wrote, we have rules where speech that harms any person or authority could remove. He believes the only way to hold the politicians accountable is giving rights to the voter to vote and offer them to like or dislike some of the candidates. We should trust the voters who are voting or expressing their views. Said, Mark Zuckerberg.

Vanita Gupta, President, and CEO of The Leadership Conference said, Mark Zuckerberg is not taking sufficient action against the politicians who are trying to influence the voter to suppress the opposition votes and incite violence. According to her, without understanding the voter's rights and fair election policies, any action taken around the voting would be half measure and may cause volatility in the process.